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Meet the team behind LDI Pro: dedicated casting professionals with a passion for bringing the best talent to film and TV productions worldwide.

photo credit: Deb Gagnon


Coach, Casting Director

Anne is a seasoned professional in the entertainment industry with a diverse background that spans acting, producing, and casting. Beginning her career as an actor in both New York City and Los Angeles, Anne gained valuable experience working as an Assistant to the Producers of MADTv and as a Writers' Assistant on VIBE in LA.

Her journey led her to casting, where she founded LDI in 2001 upon returning to Rhode Island. Through LDI, Anne has cast for renowned figures in the industry, including Woody Allen, Wes Anderson, and Henry Brommel, establishing herself as a go-to casting director. Some of her notable projects include the Academy Award and Golden Globe-nominated "Moonrise Kingdom" and the Peabody Award-winning Showtime television series "Brotherhood."

Anne's passion extends beyond casting, as she dedicates herself to fostering intentional and mutually beneficial relationships with long-term clients. Drawing from her extensive experience conducting thousands of principal auditions, she shares her invaluable insights to help actors reach their full potential.

Furthermore, Anne plays a pivotal role in guiding actors towards success in their careers. She offers support in branding and career development, whether in the thriving New England scene or in larger markets like New York City, Atlanta, or Los Angeles. Anne's unique ability to identify opportunities for growth at every stage of an actor's artistic journey sets her apart. She assists individuals in crafting strategic plans to consistently move towards their goals, making her an indispensable mentor in the entertainment industry.

Utilizing her involvement in diverse organizations such as the Rhode Island PBS Community Advisory Board, Senior Agenda Coalition Board, Charter Revision Advisory Committee in Charlestown, RI, Phoenix Rising Equine Rescue, and her role as a volunteer at Beacon Hospice, she gains a distinctive insight into the requirements of various communities.

Marketing Director
Casting Assistant

Meet Jaclyn, the driving force behind all things marketing at LDI Pro. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from the prestigious Penn State University, Jaclyn brings over a decade of experience in the dynamic realms of Corporate Sales and Marketing. Her journey, however, took a fascinating turn when she pursued her passion for the arts, studying at the HB Studio in NYC and making a seamless transition into the world of acting.

Jaclyn's unique blend of business acumen and creative flair makes her an invaluable asset to the LDI Pro team. Beyond her marketing prowess, she has been actively involved in the casting domain, lending her expertise to diverse projects since 2020. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a keen eye for detail, Jaclyn ensures that LDI Pro's message resonates powerfully in the market.

In the hands of this versatile professional, marketing becomes an art form, and every project becomes an opportunity to captivate and connect. Get ready to experience the synergy of strategy and creativity, orchestrated by Jaclyn, as LDI Pro continues to soar to new heights.  She resides in Florida.

Creative Project Manager

AJ brings a wealth of experience to the role of Creative Project Manager at LDI Pro. With an impressive track record spanning over two decades, AJ has successfully led initiatives for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Fortune 500 companies and global entertainment giants.

Since joining LDI Pro in 2022, AJ has been instrumental in driving the success of complex projects, consistently delivering outstanding results. His extensive background includes working with prestigious organizations such as NBCUniversal, Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, Disneyland, Caruso, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, Clean Energy Fuels, The Beverly Hilton, and the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills.

Beyond his professional achievements, AJ is also the owner of The Circle Group, a project management consulting firm based in Los Angeles, CA.  He is deeply passionate about animal rescue, foster care issues, and mental health awareness and brings not only expertise but also a commitment to making a positive impact in his community and beyond.

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Teresa is the powerhouse behind LDI Pro's development and outreach efforts, bringing her unique blend of skills and experience to the forefront. Fluent in both English and Spanish, she bridges communication gaps and fosters connections across diverse communities.


As a devoted mother to her 8-year-old son, Teresa understands the importance of balance and dedication, which she brings to her role with unwavering passion. Her love for creative writing, poetry, and travel within her homestate of Arizona infuses her work with a vibrant energy, driving innovation and sparking new ideas.


With a background in technical writing, business analysis, and teaching, Teresa brings a multifaceted approach to her managerial role. She leverages her expertise to propel LDI Pro forward, pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations every step of the way. Her visionary leadership helps shape the company's growth trajectory, expanding its reach and impact on a global scale.

Senior Manager
Outreach & Development
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