Anne brings her priceless experience of conducting thousands of principal auditions to one-on-one coaching with actors whether it be audition prep, Skype coaching, or on-set coaching.
She also continues to assist on a grander scale in pushing actors to reach their full potential from a branding and career standpoint, whether that be making the most of the opportunities available in New England, readying yourself for a bigger market like NYC, ATL or LA, and/or succeeding at  *working* in that bigger market.
Anne has a knack for seeing exactly where the opportunities for growth lie in wherever you are on your artistic journey, helping you set a plan and move consistently in the direction of your goals.


Actor, Atlanta

After the first career coaching session with Anne, I came away with a plan and a clear vision of what my essence was and how I should go about branding myself to make the most impact. In further meetings she guided me on headshots, my website, my reel and other marketing materials, networking and training in NYC and readying myself for a bigger market. 

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Actor, Boston

Anne always hits the nail on the head and has helped me with my auditions and film projects. We often run our coaching sessions via FaceTime or Skype. It is convenient, easy and filled with great feedback! So if you’re in Boston, NYC, LA or wherever you may be, give Anne a shout! Break a leg and I hope you book your next gig, Anne helped me book mine!

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Actor, Boston

In a unique market like Boston, I find I can't always google or backstage archive my way to answer complex questions that are relevant to working here. I recently booked Anne for a 30 minute private coaching session over Skype to help me navigate a self advocacy situation.Her booking response was swift and online payment easy. Anne's sage advice coupled with her true passion for supporting actors towards their individualized success potential helped me proceed with confidence that I was acting with professional integrity. She is not just the lucky card in your back pocket, with Anne, you own the deck!