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"I started training with Anne as a coach to help me transition from years of stage work to film and TV auditioning in the Boston market. Anne immediately zeroed in on specific areas where I needed to adjust my performances in order to channel my stage habits into this more intimate medium. Her keen observations and industry knowledge have helped me develop a deeper understanding of the audition process from the casting director’s viewpoint. Anne’s one-on-one coaching for my on-camera auditions has proved to be invaluable to me in developing solid auditioning & on-screen acting techniques. I feel like no matter where I am in my career, I can approach any audition confidently, knowing that Anne’s specific & inimitable coaching is only a phone call away."Marilyn Busch, SAG-AFTRA Actress 


Your Performance Skills 


Tailored to actors' specific needs, with a primary focus on audition preparation

  • One-hour sessions dedicated to refining audition techniques and enhancing performance skills.

  • Last minute requests:  30-minute coaching sessions are available for quick audition turnaround or to delve deeper into specific areas of improvement.

  • Consistent Support: Regular check-in sessions to ensure actors stay sharp and ready for upcoming auditions.

NOTE: Coaching is offered to those who are 14 years old and up.



Customized Classes: Tailored group classes designed to address the diverse needs of actors at different experience levels

  • Brush Up Workshops: One-day intensive workshops.

  • Diverse Skill Development: Opportunities to explore a range of acting techniques and styles, empowering actors to pursue expanded roles and opportunities.

  • Group size and pricing options to suit every budget.

LDIPro goes beyond traditional training with a range of services supporting actors every step of the way including a Self-Tape review.  An outside perspective is sometimes just what you need. 

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