Self Tape Review:

You need a Zoom account to participate but there's a free version you should look into.

You are invited to an on-line class where we will review the self-tape together. 


Your (short) self tape content should be a scene (as opposed to a monologue). It will be reviewed as if it were an actual audition submission.  

The dates:

There will be multiple dates to choose from and classes are kept to 10 people each.  The dates and times will be determined by the number of submissions received.

Submit to: - subject: "Free Review"

If the video is too long to attach to an email, please use Vimeo - and be sure to give me download ability.  If you password protect it, please include that in your email submission.

Dust off your tripod and get this going!

Questions?  Drop a note...



More free stuff coming soon!