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Stay Sharp! In-Person Audition Workout

Welcome to "Stay Sharp!" – not a class, not just another workshop, but an invigorating workout for your creative muscles. In the world of virtual casting and self-submissions, it's essential to combat complacency and stay at the top of your game. This dynamic session is designed to keep you on your toes, push your boundaries, and elevate your self-tape game like never before.

Saturday - September 9, 2023

Cranston, RI (additional details on the registration page)

🎭 Objective: "Fight the Fat" in Virtual Casting and Self-Submissions

The ongoing debate about the effectiveness of self-tapes is real, but what's undeniable is the impact of the process itself. "Stay Sharp!" challenges you to embrace the journey, adapt quickly, and thrive amidst the uncertainties.

⏱️ Session Duration: 2 Hours (3 different time slots to choose from, morning, afternoon & early evening)

👥 Limited Participation: 20 People per Session

🚀 Pushing Boundaries and Staying Sharp

I believe that preparation breeds excellence. But I also understand that perfecting a self-tape doesn't guarantee sustained readiness. This session is designed to keep you agile, quick-witted, and ready for any direction.

🎬 Round Robin Format

  • One Take Challenge: Step into the spotlight and give it your best shot –  no second-guessing. It's all about instinct and capturing the essence.

  • Redirect: Receive a redirect – a fresh perspective on your performance. Adapt on the spot and execute the change in just one take.

  • Pass the Baton: The spotlight moves to the next participant. Stay engaged, observe, and learn from each unique approach.

💡 Benefits of "Stay Sharp!"

  • Creative Agility: Thinking on your feet, embracing new directions, and adjusting in the moment.

  • Time Efficiency: Master the art of nailing it quickly, a skill crucial in virtual auditions.

  • Confidence Building: Embrace imperfection, grow your self-assurance, and tackle challenges head-on.

  • Collaborative Learning: Gain insights by watching and engaging with diverse performers.

  • Elevated Self-Tape Quality: Transcend the limitations of self-doubt and overthinking.

📆 Schedule Your Session

"Stay Sharp!" sessions are your secret weapon against creative stagnation and the pitfalls of virtual casting. We're excited to help you develop resilience, adaptability, and a sharper creative edge. Reserve your spot now and redefine your self-tape game!

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