Written and directed by Linas Phillips

DATES; June 20 - July 12



LOGLINE: TAKE TWO is the story of Terry, an aspiring filmmaker who decides to make a movie about his recent, failed relationship. His new girlfriend, Kate, will play his ex-girlfriend and his famous best-friend, Cole, will play Terry. What could go wrong?

Fundraiser video: https://vimeo.com/551386626


About the filmmaker: Linas Phillips, a two time Sundance film festival alum, is a director, actor and teacher. He is a frequent collaborator of the Duplass Brothers. In 2006 he walked 1200 miles to meet Werner Herzog, documented in his film Walking To Werner. As a writer/director his work includes, Bass Ackwards, Rainbow Time, and The Ride. As an actor Linas has appeared in Twin Peaks, Eastbound & Down, Togetherness, and Manson Family Vacation to name a few. As the “screenplay doula” Linas teaches a character-based approach to screenwriting which utilizes improv, personal storytelling, drama therapy and spiritual teachings. 

Link to an episode of THE RIDE (recent work sample by the director)


PW: take two

SUBMISSION: Self tape a story (either in character of the part you’re auditioning for or as yourself).  Would be great if it’s equal parts heartbreaking/embarrassing and funny. It could also be about a problematic friend (someone you love and hate). Don’t be afraid to be authentic and vulnerable.

For the roles of HANNAH and KATE please submit the scenes included AS WELL AS an improvised story.

Please send videos via WeTransfer to office@ldipro.com

Name your Vimeo with your last name and the role

also, as a favor, please drop me a separate email when you submit that.  WeTransfer goes to my Trash for some reason... ugh.

SEEKING: *must be comfortable with improvising  *non-union

KATE (33-45) (NEEDED FOR 14 days)

A talented charismatic yet emotionally guarded actor and comedian. She shows affection by razzing people, especially her new love interest Terry. She ends up siding with Terry’s famous friend, Cole, when they are reworking Terry's script. She's playing Terry's ex -girlfriend in the film (within the film).Things are even more complicated because she hooked up with Cole a few months ago and she’s torn about whether to tell Terry or not. 

HANNAH (30-40) - (NEEDED FOR 9-11 DAYS) 

Down to earth, quirky cinematographer (or producer) and supportive friend to Terry. She loves puns and dirty jokes but underneath her cool exterior she is a sensitive soul like Terry. She increasingly feels stuck between the Terry/Cole conflict. Also has her own relationship issues. (BIPOC casting welcome) 


(will only appear a few times in flashbacks) She's a sweet, elegant woman who loves Terry but is torn because of her allegiance to her daughter CHLOE who despises TERRY.

CHLOE (13-16) - (2 days)

Natalia's daughter. Emo, a moody teen dealing with her parents' messy divorce and hates her mom's new boyfriend Terry. (will only appear in one flashback) 


Cole’s sensitive and creative son who’s struggling with his parents divorce, bullies at school, and weight issues, after putting on a few pounds after the pandemic.


(BIPOC casting preferred) Producer or line producer of the film, good with people but type a and wound a little tight.


SHAWN (25-40) (BIPOC preferred) (NEEDED FOR 6 DAYS) 

Handsome, young camera assistant.


MEG (25-45) (LGBTQ ideally) (NEEDED FOR 6 DAYS) 

Quiet, queer (maybe moody) sound mixer. 



TERRY (35-45) 
Emotionally raw, stubborn struggling filmmaker with anxious attachment style. He’s making a film about the fraught relationship with his ex-girlfriend NATALIA and her troubled daughter CHLOE. He casts his confident and newly famous friend COLE as himself and his new love interest KATE as NATALIA.

COLE (35-45) 
Confident (maybe cocky), Terry’s friend - well read with self help books, successful actor and filmmaker. He’s a bit bossy when it comes to giving his friend Terry advice about movies and relationships. He's playing TERRY in the film (within the film).

TABITHA (13-15) 
Opinionated, rude (or troubled) aspiring young actress playing CHLOE in the film (within the film)