Let's Do It.

I know it’s the first full week of January and resolutions are being created (and discarded) and I hope you’re not trying to accomplish 1 million things before, say, Valentine’s Day?

However, if you are making a plan to focus your efforts on 1 goal with at least 1 million ways to accomplish it, that would make more sense to me.

Sure, sure, go ahead start the plan. List all things you want to do - and then pick 1 thing to focus on.

Your specific objective may change over time - but to start without a clear intent, you'll be spreading yourself too thin and then wonder why you're not accomplishing anything. 47 small goals and 18 tasks for each goal... and then you have to eat and work and take kids to places... yah... no.

Umbrella Levels. Ultimate goal (umbrella) and then all the baby objectives to get you there (stuff under the umbrella). And really give this thought. This could take some time but it's worth it. Think about Why is this your intent? Is it the real intent? Once you've determined that, let's move on.

Now break it down. This is another process. Do yourself a favor and take your time. Making the plan can be daunting but if it's thorough, the execution will be smooth.

Create a list of focused tasks. It is more than a to-do list. The list must include only the things that will move your plan forward. Jot down as many details as you can - even the minutiae that you think you'll remember later. Just in case, jot it.

Ok. so now the action. How about 1 goal-focused task a day? Prioritize your list and DO 1 goal-focused task every... single... day.

Be consistent in your efforts. One thing each day. Every day. Can't stress that enough.

  • update your resume

  • make one phone call to register a class

  • get on a professional mailing list

  • schedule a meeting with the new headshot photographer

  • sign up to attend that weekly networking thing in your town that you never go to, especially in the winter because it’s cold out. (maybe that’s just on my list?)

There’s 5 things right there. First week down - BOOM… I just laid out your first week for you. Listen, I'm not doing this every week for you, so you better get a pen.

And you know what else? Other People.

-Maybe you could be talking to people who have already done whatever it is you want to do? What are they saying? How did they do it? Ask questions.

-An Accountability Partner! Just a check-in with someone who is on their own path. Doesn't have to be someone in the same field with the same path even!

I think that once you start, you'll crack open your creative brain and you are going to find the sweet spot that pushes your boundaries. The daily checklist will become just part of your routine. Note: Be sure to DO things not just write them down. ahem.

I saw Lily Tomlin’s show years ago and one of her characters says, “When I was little I wanted to grow up and be somebody. I realize now, I should have been more specific.”

Be specific. I know I've said that already but I know from experience. If you are all over the place, you'll only end up frustrated and blaming things that aren't real for you not getting to your goal.

It won't take long before you begin to see the big picture (pun… intended) forming and you’ll be making progress before, say, Valentine's Day?

What are you doing today?


This (and future posts) is written the way I speak. The punctuation and spelling will be whatever I want. Just thought I should mention that - so I don't receive cut-and-pasted versions of this post with "helpful" corrections. It's good info...just get past the grammar and punc.