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Acting Workshop? Class? Coach?

I have a list of things I want to learn and I am always trying to narrow it down to make it more manageable. I mean, I can’t fill my day with classes, what am I, a college student?

Anywhooo… I though this may be helpful. It’s something I do a lot (I am in love with excel grids) so I’m sharing the process with you.

Of course this is no way a complete list. This should only get you started and assist you with taking some action.

Create your own grid and then ask yourself:

  • Do I want to learn something?

  • Do I want to show what I already know?

  • Do I want to network?

  • Do I want to hang with friends and share creative ideas?

All of the above are valid and all of your options are the same as everyone else’s.

For your reading pleasure:


This (and future posts) is written the way I speak. The punctuation and spelling will be whatever I want. Just thought I should mention that - so I don't receive cut-and-pasted versions of this post with "helpful" corrections. It's good info...just get past the grammar and punc.

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