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Thanks for your interest in the class!


- In Person participants will be able to work on-camera and view their work back during the class.  You get to practice and see the exercise in real time and hear feedback immediately.

- Zoom has more of a lecture/conversation style.  Topics are the same but we won't be recording your readings in class.  Time and my technology doesn't really allow for that.  You can, however, record your script as a self-tape that we can watch in the following week's class, you just won't be able to get the live adjustments that an in-person class allows.

All classes are:

4 weeks
1 day per week
2 hours per session

The in-person location is Warwick, RI. 

The Zoom class link will be sent to you before the first class.

Weekly Sessions cover the following (plus a little more):

  • Week 1 - Stillness.  How to manage your facial and body movements, giving them more power in your scene.

  • Week 2 - Being present.  Becoming the character.  These exercises really help with audition nerves as well!

  • Week 3 - Monologues for film and The Business of Show.

  • Week 4 - "Say no more".  The art of non-verbal acting.

You will be given scripts each week as well as an exercise.  I will recommend some books that we will discuss and short YouTube videos are available to you that speak to each week's topic.  Books can be found in the library or on Amazon cheap... although you don't have to purchase books for this class.

While there will be time for Q&A and business discussion in a session - we really target the audition.  What goes into it, ideas on how to prep and what to do once you are in the room.

You will get the most out of each session if you are fully prepared each week.  

Suggestion:  If you don't think you have the time between classes to prepare for the following week's class, you may want to consider another session.  

These weeks/topics are built in such a way to mimic real life... the turnaround time to learn new scripts for an audition while living your regular life, etc... it's designed to get you ready for next steps.

We have a lot to do, so we're gonna go slow.

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