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Workshop details - Bios can be found below
More about Intro to VO!
Spend four weeks with RadJess VO learning about the basics of voice over! This class is for the novice who is either just starting out or is curious about how to get into voice over. What does it take to make it?
In this class hands-on class, we will discuss dissecting a script, why having a professional demo is important, the pros and cons of pay-to-play Web sites, home studios, where to find work, editing, and more!

This course is a package deal which includes all four sessions and is a pre-requisite to attend the advanced class.  RadJess VO is Jessica Rainville’s voice over business
brand. Having been in the industry for close to a decade now, she’s experienced in all forms of voice over with regular bookings.
CLASS 1: Tools of the trade
CLASS 2: Dissecting a script
CLASS 3: How to book work
CLASS 4: Let’s Practice!
More about Let's Practice VO!

Let’s Practice VO! is an advanced, one-off course for the professional looking to hone in your work. Working in a group, you’ll receive the benefit of individual and observed instruction.

We will spend 10 minutes per student working on your choice of a script, cold read, critiquing your demo, or reviewing your home studio’s audio quality. This is YOUR time to work on whatever you choose! Instructions for sending materials will be sent prior to class.

Intro to VO is a pre-requisite to attend this advanced class. Please contact LDI Casting prior to booking if you do not require the introductory course.

RadJess VO is Jessica Rainville’s voice over business brand. Having been in the industry for close to a decade now, she’s experienced in all forms of voice over with regular bookings.

CLASS 1: November 2
CLASS 2: November 9
CLASS 3: November 16
CLASS 4: November 23
More about "Second Team!"

Hi Actors!
Karl here, Long-time Union Actor, and founder of New England Actors Network. This one hour intensive will have you Mastering Stand-in work, applying on set terminology, and will also prepare you technically for work as a principle actor working on sets for Feature Film and Network Television.

Anne, will be there in part 1 of the class.

Inexperienced actors and newbies welcomed!

Advanced actors who have not yet worked as a principle actor on camera in Film or Television, nor as a standin will also benefit from this course.

During this class, you will learn how to work as a stand-in in the exciting world of film and television. By the end of this fun, informative course, you will have the skills and understanding required to work as a stand-in on Studio Feature Films and Network Television in New England, New York, Los Angeles or anywhere in the country. 

Why take the class?
- increase your standin work opportunities in New England, and around the country.
- I promise you, there is much more to standin work than you might first imagine.
- Show up prepared and confident for your first day of stand-in work.
- The stand-in pay rate is slightly higher than for background work.
- As a stand-in, you work closely with well known principle actors, and most of the crew.
- For Television work, reap the benefits of working closely with a new director every week!
- The same skills you apply for stand-in work, are also critical for your success as a principle actor. Being a “Set Ready” actor is the most important things a Casting director looks for, when you are auditioning for a principle role. Being “Set Ready” saves production time and money! Being “Set Ready”, means you are a safe bet, and will not waste their time acclimating to the set. Take this class. Be “Set Ready”. Casting Directors and directors will love you!
- This class is the only one of its kind in New England, and you will be among the first graduates.

instructor bios
Karl Steudel
Karl Founded New England Actors Network 2005, boasting 5,000 members, where he curates casting notices, fighting on behalf of actors, making sure your audition notices include clear language for actor compensation.
Karl resides in Los Angeles, but being bicoastal, returns to New England frequently for work and auditions, where he has acted in every state, except for Vermont!
Karl's Book, “The Complete Guide to Acting in New England” is coming out soon.
Karl's select Stand in credits:
  • Will Ferrell - The Legos Movie, Dodge Commercial, Get Hard
  • Matthew Modine - The Dark Knight Rises
  • Stellan Skarsgard - Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
  • Nathan Fillion - Castle (Showtime)
  • Michael Nouri - Empire State (ABC Pilot)
  • David Morse - Empire State
  • Tyler Peck - Body of Proof (ABC)
  • John Dore - How to live with your parents, the rest of your life (ABC )
  • Dayplayers - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Marvel)
A Testimonial about Karl's work as a stand-in from Anne Mulhall
- It was so great not to have to worry about someone arriving on time, or to the right location, or being there when he said he would... a dream really.
Jessica Rainville
Hi!  I’m RadJess VO, or Jessica Rainville for those who prefer my regular name.  I’m that girl who never grew out of the quirky phase my parents didn’t understand — It’s a good thing I get paid to talk, cuz I do that A LOT, too!  Besides being a voice actor I wrote, produced, directed an audio drama called CHRIS Podcast.  Spending almost a decade of my life in the voice over world has brought tons of other fulfilling works - like Ashley’s Furniture for Cardi’s, Heluva Good! Dip, TONS of kids e-learning programs, Fortnite and Minecraft Machinimas on YouTube to name a few!  My 11 year-old nephew thinks I’m the coolest cuz YouTube (of course!)!  I’m a wife, mom to two corgis (Yoshi - RIP, & Abi-Gale) and a Maine coon cat (Ryo-Ohki), Subaru & exotic car enthusiast, paranormal investigator, obsessed with the 90’s, lover of all things anime and animation.  I’m excited to go on a voice over journey with you!  
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