On Camera Auditioning

Do you know what they're talking about when you leave the audition room?    I do.


The goal of this class will be to create a framework for participants to confidently go into any audition and know what is expected and what's not.

"Anne has a knack for seeing exactly where the opportunities for growth lie in wherever you are on your artistic journey, helping you set a plan and move consistently in the direction of your goals."

Self Tape Review

Send a self-tape and we'll review it together.

  • Review your audition before you send it.

  • See what the director will see.

  • Correct the issues you feel need adjusting.

“Thankfully, the dark cloud of unknown is lifted! Thank you for this workshop. Being able to discuss best practices and creative submissions has been beyond helpful. I could take this class again and again and still get new information each time!”

 The time is yours.

  • Practice your practice.

  • Target the issues.

  • Prep for an audition.

  • Set up an on-going practice.

Professionals hire professionals.

"Coaching with Anne is incredibly fulfilling, because she gets to the root of what’s holding you back and she does it FAST.  She has a knack for seeing what you can’t see - the obstacle that is preventing you from being your best."