THUG revolves around an aging San Pedro gangster (Liam Neeson) who attempts to reconnect with his children and rectify the mistakes in his past, but the criminal underworld won’t loosen their grip willingly.  Director: Hans Petter Moland

Filming Wednesdays - thru - Sundays beginning October 15 - through November 23 in a variety of locations in Massachusetts.
Please follow the submission instructions carefully.

As I mentioned in the Zoom - it really helps to streamline.  thanks.  

1.  Please submit the form (button below)
2.  as well as a headshot, resume and a "today photo" selfie to
3.  If you are submitting for more than one type - please send individual emails with the specific SUBJECT in each one.
4.  You do not need to send in multiple Submission forms.
5.  You do not need to repeat the form information in your email.  

BACKGROUND - updated as of 9.27.22 - 3:45pm


** means we are submitting pictures to the director to choose from.


  • FEMALES** - works 3 days

To portray 19-25 years old

All ethnicities

Scantily Clad - undocumented sex workers - please

submit a photo in a bathing suit along with your headshot.

Email subject line:  SCANTILY CLAD

  • FEMALE**

To portray 65+


Caretaker of the brothel.  Cooks, cleans etc…

Email subject line:  ABUELA

  • FEMALE** - works 3 days

To portray 4 years old


Email subject line:  TODDLER

  • FEMALE** - works 2 days

To portray 50-60 years old


Gift Shop Worker

Email subject line:  SOUVENIR

  • FEMALE**

To portray 8-10 years old

Any ethnicity considered

She has a “sassy” attitude

Could be part of an actual family of 4

Email subject line:  DAUGHTER

  • FEMALE**

To portray 60’s-70’s


Upper Class 

Email subject line:  CHARLIE’S WIFE

  • MALES**

To portray 30’s-40’s


“Wall Street” type

Email subject line: SLICK DUDE

  • MALES** - works 3 days

To portray 20’s-30’s

Any ethnicity

Gangbangers in a brothel

Email subject line:  GANGBANGER

  • MALES** - works 3 days

To portray 35-55 years old

All ethnicities

Customers in a brothel 

Email subject line:  BROTHEL CUSTOMER

  • MALE**

To portray 12 years old

Any ethnicity considered

Could be part of an actual family of 4

Email subject line:  SON

  • MALE**

To portray 35-50 years old

Any ethnicity 

Truck driver Delivery type - (not driving).  Casual, nothing phases him

Email subject line:  TRUCK STOP

  • MALE** 

To portray 40’s-60’s


Accountant type/businessman

Email subject line:  ACCOUNTANT


this notice will be updated as casting is updated. 


As of now, we are seeking Male: 6'3" Caucasian

Female: 5'8" Caucasian

email subject line: STAND IN


Liam Neeson (you will be seated so the height is flexible)

email subject line: PHOTO DOUBLE


email subject line for below: "General"

Please also fill out the submission form to include your skills - thanks


To portray 23-28 years old

Should look like you can perform martial arts. If you DO, please note that on the submission form. It is not required though.


Male and Female

To portray 10-12 years old

Boxing experience

Male and Female - Adults

Boxing Experience

Male Boxing Trainers (Adults)

Male and Female Football players

To portray 13 years old

Male and Female Football Coaches (Adults)


And more!

Restaurant Staff 

Restaurant Patrons

Spectators (football game)

Minors 6-13 year olds for various scenes

Parents of the 6-13 year olds



Older people (to portray dementia patients in the waiting room of a doctor's office


Bar Flys (townie bar)

"Grandad" type who is fishing... experienced

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