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Whether she is casting a local indie film, a multi-million dollar feature or a network television series, Anne always knows the right actor for the gig. Working with SAG and AFTRA contracts can be tricky, but she has mastered the ins and outs and is a great asset to productions who may not understand all of the nuances. 

Jessica Maher Freelance Contracts Administrator – Entertainment AFTRA/SAG

Aside from her data base featuring thousands of local actors Anne has the experience and talent to narrow the field, saving valuable time and helping me make the best decisions for my projects. Anne is at my side every step of the way ensuring that the best talent in the region gets an opportunity to be seen. Anne offers more than a data base, she offers a talent base. 
Anthony Ambrosino Producer/Director Ambrosino/Delmenico

Anne Mulhall has an excellent eye for discovering talent. She has worked with top notch filmmakers and ignited acting careers for many local Rhode Islanders. With her warm sense of humor and enthusiasm for the craft, she knows how to nurture the best in people. 

Steven Feinberg Executive Director Rhode Island Film & Television Office

I have been working With Anne Mulhall for over ten years. As a filmmaker, I depend on a casting director to put together a group of actors that makes sense for the character on many levels. What Anne does, that many casting directors don't do, is take the character into consideration.  Her sense of timing is crucial, by that I mean she understands the language spoken between the actor and the director. Anyone can round up 100 people, a great casting director reduces it to 10 and this is a very valuable gift to any production. 

Michael Corrente, Filmaker

credit: David Shankbone

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