Whois LDI?

LDI says what it means... Let's Do It.


We promote a large roster of union and non-union actors from the New England area - and have done so since 2001.  Pairing up the right talent to the project.  Large productions, student films and everyone in between.  In addition, HISTORY CAST, specializes in historic reenactments and includes actors with working knowledge and wardrobe from their particular field and era.

Community Assistance

We work with our community to assist with Raising Awareness and Funds for local and national non-profit organizations.  There are more than 10,000 people in our film community which allows us to assist these organizations in many different ways. The local actors and crew - never disappoint.  

Creative Muscles

Just starting out?  Experienced but want to stay in shape?  Got an audition coming up?  LDI offers classes and coaching to assist actors with their work at every level.  Private coaching is offered by appointment and group classes are also available.  Either way, cracking open your brain to keep that creative muscle strong is a recommendation everyone can benefit from.


LDI is in touch.  We can be a gateway to local crew, soundstage, unions, catering, locations, animal casting, cars, boats, wardrobe...The list goes on.  Our staff is from here, we live here now, if we don't have it in our files already, I'm sure we 'got a guy' for that.


  • Jessica Maher, Freelance Contracts Administrator – Entertainment SAG Boston

    Working with SAG and AFTRA contracts can be tricky, but Anne has mastered the ins and outs and is a great asset to productions who may not understand all of the nuances.

  • Andrea/RISD Film Student

    You gave us a seat at the table with industry professionals, and made the process of producing seem less mysterious and more creative in six short weeks.  I feel armed with information and contacts that will help me move forward in the film industry.

  • Michael Corrente/Film Director and Producer

    Her sense of timing is crucial, by that I mean she understands the language spoken between the actor and the director. Anyone can round up 100 people, a great casting director reduces it to the 10 you can use - a very valuable gift to any production.

  • Anthony Ambrosino/Producer

    Aside from her data base featuring thousands of local actors Anne has the experience and talent to narrow the field, saving valuable time.  Anne offers more than a data base, she offers a talent base.

  • Zele – On-Camera Coaching Client

    I had just a 1 hour acting coaching session with Anne and I've booked 4 projects out of 8 in just one month.  She honed in on what I wasn't doing, and gave me great tips unique to my acting needs.

  • Camille – On-Camera Coaching Client

    When I meet with Anne she is ready to go right away. I do the scene in front of the camera and then we watch the recording together. Anne will redirect me and then I will do the scene again and again until I get every beat, every inflection and every action correct for the character.

The LDI Team

Ready When You Are

LDI Team: Picture of Annie Mulhall

Annie Mulhall

Casting Director

Casting director Anne Mulhall has established a home base for LDI Casting in Rhode Island. Less than one hour from Boston, she seems to be filling the gap between New York and Boston. LDI has been casting both principal and background performers for feature films, independent films, television, corporate video, and commercials for the past twelve years.

LDI Team: Picture of The LDI Family

The LDI Family

Casting Team Extraordinaire

LDI is powered by the efforts of a team of flexible staff and volunteers ready to solve your every production requirement.  From casting assistants and office interns, to event coordinators and location scouts, our staff is available to you.  If you need dedicated production personnel, we can help you succeed from the very beginning. 

Our Charities


It's Your Project

Let Us Help!

Principal Casting

* Hundreds of experienced actors from Maine to New York - available to you.

* We KNOW our actors, we will help you find the one that fits

* We work with SAG to be sure union actors are good to go!

Extras/Background Casting

* Designing the scene for you

* Featured Character Faces!

* Specialty Performers, including dancers, jugglers, skaters - you get the idea.

Performer Details

* We have experienced Stand-Ins in our files who are happy to work!

* We work with actors regularly to create the perfect audition for you

* Available to be on set for the additional support you may need 


* We'll connect you to the people who can find you Beach Front, Downtown Urban and Suburban locations as well as "the perfect house" - You name it.

*Rhode Island is 48 Miles North to South and 37 Miles East To West - We can find you what you need.

Local Resources

* Kay Studios - stages for film and video production (www.kaystudiosri.com)  

* SAG/Aftra Boston - 617.262.8001


Production Consultation


Some Of The Projects

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